Treemap crashes vvvv

hello everybody!

each time i use Treemap (2d) vvvv crashes after a while (vvvv 45beta28.1, Win7, 64bit).

“vvvv: FloatingListBox: vvvv.exe - Systemerror
Eine Neue Schutzseite für den Stapel kann nicht erstellt werden.”
(sry, error message in German only)

any ideas?
thanks a lot,

cannot reproduce this error, demo patch please!

Hi Tebjan!

The error occurs when the input pin at least contains one negative value and you then switch the algorithm.

Is there somewhere documented that the input values must not be netagive?

thanks Johannes

Treemap-Error.v4p (13.0 kB)

thanks for the patch, nasty one… stackoverflow for negative numbers. it now takes the absolute value of the input and omits zeros.

thanks :)… no text …