Trautner with VideoTexture

I am working on something where I’d like to feed several trautners with one VideoIn. As it ain’t possible to use the VideoIn Outlet more than one time I want trautner to work with a VideoTexture.
The thing is that Trautner can only be fed with VideoIn (directshow).
So I tried to use the AsVideo (creates directshow out of texture) node between VideoTexture and Trautner but that doesn’t work although it should according to the node description.

If I got this right trautner is basically substracting two time-displaced images from one another. One is a 256 grayscale the other is the negative version of that image.
All I need is the visual effect that trautner produces.
So wouldn’t it be quite easy to build a replica of this which works with VideoTextures?

If anyone has an idea how to do that I’d really be happy about suggestions.

Thanks y’all!

hello, thats a quick shader… use a Queue (EX9.Texture) to store two frames, then get both frames with GetSlice (Node) and put them in a shader with two texture inputs where you subtract them…

Thank you! I’ll check that out.
Two more questions: how can I generate a grayscale and inverted grayscale out of my VideoIn (webcam)?
Second question: Are there pre-defined shaders in the vvvv folders which can be used? Haven’t created a shader so far…

hi rosenfranz, because of my poor english i don’t understand why the trautner dosent work for you with AsVideo, but you can try also framebuffer (but always using the AsVideo). same effect of trautner but with more control about the buffer to use (so you can modify the dimension of the trail)
anyway the shader way is always the more efficient ;)

try this one ;) (3.1 kB)