Trautner VideoOut used for video texture

I tried to use the Trautner VideoOut for video texture, because I want to mix it with other grafics, but it doesn’t work. The effect gets simply lost if its mapped on a qaud.
Any idea?

hard to tell. videoIn to videotexture to quad works? but id does not work with trautner in between? what does renderer (tty) say? what graphiccard? newest driver?

Its seems to be an initialization problem, when I switch off and on ‘hold background’ it works, strange…
It tried it on different systems, all the same.

@joreg: an probable unrelated bug note:
i recently tried to demonstrate camera tracking with pipet at the hyperwerk workshop. the classic demo splits out the videotexture to a quad showing the full live video image and to a pipet node analyzing the colors.
funny enough it was not possible doing both things at the same time on my laptop (Ati Mobilty radeon with Omega 2.6.75a) either the video on the quad freezed or the pipet output freezed, depending on whit connection was drawn first. i am sure the same patch worked with beta9.10 on my computer and it did on all other computers in the workshop

@pexon. i remember there where such problems with trautner. thought i had fixed them. are you using beta10?

@oschatz. hmm.did tty say something? sounds like an outofmemory problem?!