Why Trautner connected with the kinect through “asvideo” no longer works with the latest versions of vvvv? Once worked! I am using in this moment 33.1x86.
With the version 25.1 (for example) it was work well!

Can anyone tell me why or what I can do for it to work?

Also the module “contour” has the same problem.

Thanks in advance!

Try rendering the Kinect video first, then output the texture to Trautner/Contour.

or please provide a simple patch that demonstrates the problem in that it works in b25.1 but not in latest b33.7

Probably youll need to render it before…

Didn’t know the traunter node. Just checked it and noticed its quite simple to replicate using queue and background substraction. If you dont get the node to work, try this (and you wont need to use “as video”).

Im not at my computer so I cant patch it at this moment