Trautner Image is Flipped

First time I’ve tried to use Trautner, seems like the image is flipped?
Did try and make a compute version, but couldn’t get it to work very well…

shows flipped image (33.2 kB)

hm…opening that patch i don’t see anything flipped. both top renderers show the same. bottom renderer shows the trautner.bmp normally.

Thats interesting, this is on my laptop, so optimus/nvidia combo…

… no text …

Why is it I can’t attach an image??

what weasel sees (35.8 kB)

it’s flipped here aswell - win8.1, nvidia gtx 760

k, now i see what you mean. iirc it has just always been like that. i am afraid we won’t go into fixing this. but if it really bugs you it should be reassuring that you can: