Trautner fails fullscreen

heh there…

have discovered and am enjoying the trautner node to push some data from the real-world into my patch. All works fine until i ALT-Rtn to fullscreen on the main output renderer…

at which point i get no output from the trautner (and my patch becomes very boring)

im using two videoIn nodes with live cams, one goes into the trautner.

before i describe my patch in detail id like to ask:

are there any places i should be looking to fix this?, has this problem come up before…

thanx a lot!


halo zf.

it could be this old problem (mentioned in some older postings already) where the video-stream dies when vvvv is in fullscreen.

with vvvv >= beta9.10 you should set videotextures “wait for every nth frame” to 1 (which is default). with vvvv

thnx… yeah all my textures’ ‘wait for every nth frame’ are allready set to 1.

hmm what to do? the piece im working on is intended for a show so if anyone has any remedies id be happy :)


I’m still getting this problem, are there any new solutions to this problem?