Trautner dynamic mask

hi guys

i have been playing with trautner quite a lot and it is very cool , but i get bored when going back to my picture app for remaking the mask to adjust to the right place and size , therefore today i have try to make this little patch to make the mask inside vvvv and load it .

it is not too good so please improve it , if you feel like ,
it would be very nice that trautner has a texture input so you could change hot areas in real time ?.

is there any topic talking about that in forum (changing mask ) ?

see ya ;D

Trautner dynamic mask.rar (55.8 kB)

try AsString (EX9.Texture) . should be possible to feed Trautners Mask Image therewith.

hi kalle ,
thanks for the tip ,AsString was my first option but did not work for me , did it work for you ?
any settings i should care of ?

sory, that won’t work. the closest you can get is what you already do. write the mask yourself and then reload it.

texture input on trautner would be nice, but is not feasible by now.

ok , thanks Joreg .

hi , in the patch the screen from right (the mask that has been created )is inverted in the left renderer so i changed the x for -1 but the y is still inverted and i can not changed the y to -1 because changes the camera too , so how could i invert the camera before it gets into trautner , or how can i have the mask in the same position in both renderers ?

Trautner dynamic (60.4 kB)

hello in the end a invert the y before the trautner with videoadjust shader , probably there is a simpler and better way , btu here it is meanwhile .

Trautner (62.1 kB)