Trautner and sound question

Hi Guys,
is it possible to do something like this;

I want to use videoin and trautner for scratching, rewinding, and scanning trough several samples.

Video in
Some kind of player, sample container
Audio Out

Maybe it can be connected to ableton or any external sound sample

fast sketch:

I will appreciate any Help!

b a s i c a l l y, yes.

*how do you recognize the tip of your finger? (means: how do you separate it from other objects moving in your camview?)
*how do you know if the fingertip is “on” for changing the parameter or if it is “off” for sliding back?

sketch is really good.

maybe using kinect sensing depth could be an approach.

maybe something like this:

if you have webcam try it out,
i downloaded it somewhere on forum.

the trautner is working only inside of mask

Hot_Spot (Util).zip (42.0 kB)

Can’t we attach Zip files? (waiting 60s wtf)

So what you wanne do?
Wave in the air? (Kinect)
Scratch on a ‘plate’? (google DIY multi-touch)
Some other nifty idea?

And yes, you can talk with Abelton to trigger your samples (MIDI/OSC).
Or use the Bass Audio nodes.

I dont know how to attach zip here.
Read my text again, and see link i posted, then help if you understand the idea, or dont, if you dont understand.
Kelle is helping.

concerning file upload: below the reply-text field there are two sections “Images” and “Files” which you need to open to be able to select a file. after selecting press the “Upload” button and it should be there. please confirm this works for you or describe your troubles.

thanks ! … no text …


maybe something like this ? scale.jpg