Transparent Flash Success

By alternating and pausing one renderer each mainloop cycle and drawing to a black and a white BG, we can generate an alpha mask easily for a perfect composite of Flash with gradients and glows on top of any v4 layer. Add in a two-way Socket Proxy and we have full communication between the two worlds with mouse translation!

Achieved 60 FPS with Flash and a 60 FPS encoded WMV on a Quad Core.

Ask if you have specific questions…

float4 psSubtractInverted(vs2ps In):Color
float4 outColor = { 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.00000 };
//source texture lookup
float4 src01 = tex2D(Src01Samp, In.Src01Cd);
// the mask texture lookup
float4 src02 = tex2D(Src02Samp, In.Src02Cd);
float4 temp = {0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0};

temp = abs( src01 - src02 );
temp = 1 - temp;

outColor = lerp(temp, src01, Src02Alpha);
return outColor;


TransparentFlash.jpg (94.9 kB)

Transparency in action…

FlashVVVV.jpg (105.8 kB)

brilliant. this sounds like the way the GDI renderer can render transparently to the GDI texture when it is set to a texture format with alpha channel. seems i never tried the same with flash…

however, this method using a shader is probably faster anyway…bravissimo.

it is a fantastic idea, i’m trying to do that, and i think i followed well the instruction for the vvvv part, but for the shader i have some problems. can you post some source code, for example the .fx?
big thx, and great workaround ;)

ok, i found it :) it works, thanks

next version of the Flash(EX9) plugin will support transparency…

I’m playing with flash in vvvv.
Transparent would be great but for now I’m just exploring the posibilities. I know about the flash renderer but I can’t seem to find the flash(ex9) plugin you mention.
Can someone tell me where to find this plugin?

helo peter,
the Flash (EX9) node is supposed to come with the addonpack, but we failed to include it in …beta23_01 pack. we’ll try to fix all troubles that people discover with an upcomming …beta23_02 pack.

Flash (EX9) is fixed, it has now a Keyboard input to write characters in a flash file and it supports transparency. the transparency support costs a bit of performance even when the flash has no transparency, please report if its usable like this…

Where can i find the new version of Flash(EX9)?

its in the beta23_02 addons.

Oops… my bad… didn’t see the 02 release…