Transition between patches

Very new to vvvv and the forum, did one of Elliot Woods’ brilliant workshops and trying to learn more.

I have opened up the latest _root patch that transitions between 4 sub patches. I am trying to understand how it switches between the animations and am having trouble.

Is it switching the sub patches via a texture on a quad the size of the renderer? Is that how someone would do an animation with different scenes within an installation?


Sorry for the late reply, but that Root patch, that comes with the latest beta is a very evil one.

it looks cool, but new users will get lost in understanding what is going on.

The 4 nodes on the top (plant, Fovball, Move and Lamp) are subppatches, you can rightclick to look in side. They Modified them a bit, so the have a S (node) on the place where a patch normaly has a Renderer.

An R (Node) Next the LFO is switching between the 4 different scenes, and another switch (node input) is switching between the vieuws.

The renderer in Root is used to combine the ‘scene’ and the view, makes it a texture, and than the CubeToPano makes the cool/weird polar/little planet look. That texture goes to final quad and renderer.

This could be a proper way to switch your scenes, but all your patches (and its assets like textures) are already loaded. So depending on the size of everything, how many scenes, your system etc… this could be considered a decent way to do it.

If it is for VJ-ing, there COULD be another way. Hope it make sense.

Thanks Westbam, i was a bit worried it was a stupid question to ask because of the lack of replies.

I get it now. Is this the method that you would use for doing a sequential installation, say a projection mapping piece with different effects?

Forum kind off exploded after nOde13, sure that was the reason, and not the ‘silliness’ of the question. ;)

Yes, if you hardware is up to it, yes it could. If you dare to look in side the svvvvitcher patch ( svvvvitcher)) you see they have another approach, they load the new patches every time they are triggered, so you can set up 100’s off patches, without killing your FPS.

Just start making your project, and check the perfmeter from time to time, if you see performance is getting bad, it is time to do something about it.

And that can also be as easy as lowering spread counts for inactive sub patches. Be carefull to not get lost with the S and R nodes. (send/receive)