maybe it’s a dull question…
anyway, what’s the difference between “translate” x\y & “centre” x\y in transform nodes? i ask this cause im wandering how i can change the pivot of a texture or of a quad with a texture on it… to rotate or scale it in a not concentric way.

any suggestion out there? ° \ ?

there is a module “Rectangle (DX9 RegPoint)” in your modulesfolder.
connect it to a renderer, be sure you have set the pin “ShowRegpoint” to 1. and play around with it.

I’m sure you get the point soon.

there’s an unnamed IOBox inside that module that should probably be labeled ‘Y’ to help the quad get of the rails.

this’s just the thing!
i hope i’ll succed in replace the quad with some other object too,like aphong shader…
tnx so much