Transform xy mouse movement to xyz rotation

hi all

i am searching for a little example how to translate xy movement of the mouse to xyz rotation of an object.

if anyone can help…big thx in advance


try attached CameraPatch :)

Camera (Transform LookAt).zip (5.9 kB)

hi kalle…

thats quick :-) it is cklose to the result l like to have but i miss the 3rd axis. i wold like to rotate the objekt around all 3 axis and thats where i have no idear how to do that :-(

like in sketchup…rotate while pressing ctrl-c :-)

maybe you have any idear?

big thx and greez


do you mean around the world axis, or the object axis?

i like to modify the objekt axis…dont know what is more difficult…if world is easier…it would be a start :-)

greetz and thx


then this module can help you, just connect some mouse/keyboard logic to it:

hi tonfilm…thx will check tomorrow :-)

hi tonfilm

no sorry but this is not what i like to do. if i move the mouse up or down the objekt should turn up or down out of may point of view…doesnt matter in which angles the objekt axis are right now! the same for left right.
sorry for bad description…hope this is more clear?

any new idear?



hm, then maybe Roll from sven:

uuuuuuaaaaaahhhhuuuuuuu :-)

yea thats it :-)

greetz and BIG THX


me again :-)

is there a way to come back fom rotation matrix to xyz rotation? be onest…i am not that big math genius :-)