Transform vs matrix transform

Could someone help me understand the difference between these two?

I’m trying to replace a grid(dx9) with a grid(ex9) in a patch so I can use a shader on the grid geometry.

In this patch (Tonfilm’s music3d patch) an arbitrary point node transform out is connected to the transform in of the grid(dx9).

This same output pin will not connect to the transform in of the phongdirectional shader for example, which would allow me to use the grid(ex9) mesh as input.

Any insight?


no time to explain,
but see

ArbitraryPoint (EX9.Geometry).v4p
ArbitraryPoint (EX9.Geometry Vector).v4p

at kalle.Modules.EX9.Geometry

helo boni,

reading the first view paragraphs of EX9 Rendering should give you a bit of an understanding. please come back here if you have further questions.