Transform Texture with PBR pipeline

Hi, here is a small shader I finally had working to transform texture (thanks to @tonfilm ).

shader TransformTexture_ShaderFX : ComputeFloat4, Texturing
    cbuffer PerMaterial
        stage float4x4 tTex;

    rgroup PerMaterial 
        stage Texture2D Texture;
        stage SamplerState CustomSampler;

    override float4 Compute()
        float2 x = streams.TexCoord;

        float2 x0 = mul(float4((x.xy*2-1)*float2(1,-1) * 0.5, 0, 1), tTex).xy * float2(1, -1) + 0.5;

        return Texture.SampleLevel(CustomSampler, x0, 0);
}; (9.0 KB)


That looks good, but I would change the SampleLevel to a normal Sample because materials usually work in 3d space and should make use of mipmaps to avoid flickering pixel effects. The SampleLevel with the level set to a constant 0 will always use the biggest mipmap of the texture.

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Alright fixed the Sample and added an other that works with instancing. (14.5 KB)

I am not getting the trasnparency on any png from that example… not sure what I am doing wrong, it should look like what you posted on matrix ?

I don’t remember how I did this one but I think it was something like this : (15.2 KB)
Just by randomizing the texture scale and translate.
You can also try with different kind of texture.

this is not specific to this example, to enable transparency on a material you need to connect a transparency feature to it, for this specific effect, Cutoff might be suited well: Transparency | vvvv gamma documentation

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