Transform menu and contents

I’m making a shutter menu that opens from the bottom. All the contents needs to stay fixed to the same position and minimise when the menu is shut.

I’ve thought about renderering the content and then doing a transform on a quad, but I’m hoping to be able to use transforms and not do this extra render.

Transform Y scale no distort.v4p (15.7 kB)

Something like this?

a bit ugly, but it seems to work

Transform Y scale no distort-2.v4p (23.3 kB)

Hey Sunep,

sadly that doesn’t work because the salmon coloured quad should not change scale until it reaches the blue line. Then just the Y scale needs to change and the picture should not distort.

Better example…

Transform Y scale no distort 1.v4p (30.4 kB)

here is quick hint, i think you will get it from there:

Transform Y scale no distort 1_1.v4p (31.9 kB)