Transform each mesh in a model

Hi, I´m importing a . dae model with 7 meshes and I want to change each mesh attributes (scale, rotate, etc). I found out how to change the textures of each mesh, but can´t change the other attributes.
I can upload the project and the model if that helps (couldn´t find the place to do it here)

Have a look at the Rings example patch in the Help Browser and see what is happening inside the ForEach.

hi, Amir. thanks for the fast response and for yesterday´s help!
I know the forEach, but I need something that alows me to change each value for each mesh. and the meshes are different form each other. they are imported inside a model.
I´m searching for something like WithMaterials (that change the color for each mesh) but for transformations.
In the GetMeshes node (connected to the FileModel node) I can see the separated meshes as a mutable list, but I´d tried many ways and couldn´t use the list.
here you can download a simple patch and the DAE file: Dropbox - vvvv - Simplify your life

test_model.vl (28.1 KB)

This could be a starting point to modify and improve it further

test_model-a.vl (28.6 KB)

thank you very much. Amir!!! perfect