Transform and enable/disable

When enabling a geometry node with an incoming transform it will use the transform values from the last time the node was enabled and ignore any changes that was made to the transform while the node was disabled - is there any workaround to get the updated transform when enabling a geometry node?

Don’t get, whenever you enable a node, it will continue with processing the infromation it recieves. (??)

doing.v4p (3.8 kB)

Here’s a patch illustrating my problem:

canvastransformtest.v4p (22.5 kB)

Wow, stared at it for 20 minutes, fiddled with values, and have NO IDEA why it does this. Why does it mather if I hold the Mouse button or not (enable the brush quad) when zooming in…

looks like the Transform node does not evaluate while the Quad is disabled, and does not handle its inputs as expected when turned on again; a bug.

you can connect a GetMatrix (Transform) and an IOBox (Value Advanced) to the Transform node in question so it keeps busy (is always evaluated as long as the IOBox is visible), or you can opt for scaling the Quad to 0 with UniformScale (Transform) instead of disabling it, which should keep the Transform busy, too.

diki: thanks for the suggestions, in most cases setting the scale or alpha to 0 will probably be enough for me but it might not always be and I want to create a uniform interface to brushes/tools for a drawing/painting app so the GetMatrix+IOBox way could be a sollution.