Transfer objects thru node connections

i’d like to know if it is possible to transfer objects using a node connection. The node/nodeSink templates make use of overriding the ToString() function to transfer a string which does not make it obvious how to do other stuff…
Thank you!

when coding a plugin you can just write:

ISpread FMyPin;

to create a pin for a certain class… the sink/source templates try to explain some advanced technique which is misleading in most cases.

thank you, tonfilm!
i did some tests and can now pass object instances between copies of my dynamic plugin nodes.
now i’m curious if it could be done between different nodes which use the same class and pin types. unfortunately vvvv seems not to allow such connections and i assume that my custom class has to be declared outside a dynamic plugin.
could you tell me more, plz?

edit: Oh, I found your Graph Library ! Thank you :)