Training file detect object?

I have tried the plugin DetectObject

and it works well with a human face.
but I don’t succeed in finding in the web other training file to recognize other objects.
does someone know where to find these trainings file or as to create of of it new?


me too.

when you download opencv it includes a haartraining.exe program that lets you generate your own training files.

the beta5 download had it in the \bin directory. i have not yet had a look in the opencv1.0 download.

the download also includes some more training files, but only for people, no other objects. i am not aware of any other publiclly available training files.

I have found in the folder bin the file createsamples.exe
but invalid background description file tells me.
how is this file created?

also have a look here

… i always wanted to make a carp tracker!

This is the best outline I’ve found for doing the training:

I haven’t tried it, but it’s the only one I’ve found that goes through every step in an understandable way. In fact it seems like the hardest part is finding/taking/organizing all those images!!

ohh thanks dujoducom that is valuable info , learning this is on top of my wishes list

I’m already stuck on creating the samples for the training file…when I open “createsamples.exe” or any other exe’s in “opencv/bin” I see a black dos-window spitting out some commands for 2 seconds and then closes. Any Idea? :(
Not that experienced with programming, so maybe it’s something simple.

P.s. If any of you guys managed to make a working training file or found a place where some are to be downloaded, let me know! I’m interested in that.

thanks dujoducom, do experiments in these days, and you do know that I got results.