Tracking without Kinect

hello everyone!

what is the best solution for tracking people in large (10x7 meters) dark space? this is for installation with 10m screen that suppose to be interactive by detecting people’s hands’ movements. i don’t know yet if i need whole skeleton tracking but just want to know any solutions rather than using several kinects.
i heard about LIDAR but don’t understand how to apply it for my purposes because i am not deep engineer and seems like there is no ready solution. so any suggestions on the topic will be appreciated.
thank you so much

maybe with the pedestrian tracker and an infrared light?

thank you @tonfilm
is it only CV tracking? i think i need IR based tracking because the space is going to be dark enough

IR = infrared… CV tracking = Open.CV tracking is a kind’a librrary for a computer vision (video tracking and other stuff related to robotics vision and sensors)…
So basically this is exactly what you are looking for…

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