Tracking people without kinect or similar

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I am doing a project where I would like to track the position of two dancers. I just need to get the position of each as seen from above, but for many reasons, kinect or camera tracking is not feasible (area too large, would like to know which performer is which and the audience might actually get on stage too)

I know about systems for follow spots, but I am being told that the room we are doing the performance in has a ceiling that is too low for the system they have used before (Autopilot)

Any ideas for a system that can talk a vvvv friendly protocol and give the position of two dancers, preferably with some sort of tag (radio or IR) on each dancer.

well vive controllers ;] not sure how big area possible, and it’s a bit oversized…

for non-visual approaches I would try to research ultra-sound possiblities…
a quick google search brought up this:

see also:

I’m a big fan of Kinect, in past I’ve made few dance projects with top down blob tracking from depth. With Kinect V2 you can may track area as large as 7x9m in case you are able to hang the sensor 8m above the stage. You can identify the blob by using color if the costume design allows that.

HTC Tracker what @antokhio suggested is also way to go, it robust and affordable. There are lot of small form factor opensoure design so you do not have to use the massive controller. There is a nice interview with one of the tracker devs Alan Yates who explains to capabilities of their system.


But this option is yet a bit pricy ~ 3500$ for the dev kit. Maybe there are cheaper alternatives. This looks sweet :)

Maybe oft interest:

and a bit of topic since not actually for positioning but with a 3-axis accelerometer:

Try a wimote controller
It’s wireless and you can get up to 5 blobs, you just need a ir led over the subject
Not used it, and I guess it would need a vvvv plugin

and more for reference:

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vvvv now supports Blueiot, see: Introducing: Blueiot real-time location system