Tracking object

Hi vvvv forum!

I am going to do a project with object tracking.

Object is with difficult form.

If you put object on table, software track it, and show you content.

I have two ideas how can do tracking:

  1. Create OpenCV cascade with this object
  2. Use tensorflow and create model for track this object

But it is very difficult.

Do you have any other idea?

whats the object(s)? can you show us an example?

and with tracking…do you mean recognizing, ie distinguishing different objects? or following one object around?

Hi joreg!
I mean different objects - phone, key, bottle …
Tracking - i think i get x/y coordinates and objects name ( phone, key bottle …)

Now i have done this with python (tensorflow) and transfer coordinates with name to vvvv.

can i do it with only vvvv?

Hi @isdzaurov,

You can achieve this in different ways.

I believe the most straightforward one would be to create and train your own HAAR Cascade files (one for each object you need to detect) and use them in combination with the ObjectDetector (Custom) VL.OpenCV node. You will need one ObjectDetector for each object type you need detected. Each detector will give you the ROI where the object has been detected in the provided image.

Support for multi-object detection is not yet officially available in the C# opencv wrapper we are currently using (opencvsharp) but it is currently being implemented so it should be supported in the near future.

Hope that helps.

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