Tracking co-ordinates not tracked over the full video feed

Hi all, am using the colour tracker plugin to send co-ordinates to Flash, and have it all setup and working, things is, the co-ordinates are being tracked from the bottom right corner of the video, as opposed to over the whole image. Is this because of the way I am multiplying the values to make them correspond to the size of the flash movie?

X value from the colour tracker goes to a *value - 640, Y goes to another *value - 480, into a cons (spreads) then an IO box with both values displayed, into a *value (2), into a FormatValue (string), and finally into the set variable to which value of the Flash renderer. The X and Y values go from another input box (linked to the one which the multiplied values go into the GetWhichVariable and SetWhichVariable pins, also on the Flash renderer.

co-ordstracker.PNG (10.7 kB)

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The ColorTracker node gives you X-postion, Y-position, and if you set the ‘scaled values’ pin to 1, it will give you values in the range off -1 and +1. Just connect an IOBox directly to the X and Y pin, to see what coordinates it gives you.

As I posted HERE use the Map (Value) node to get it back to your screensize. Since you are dealing with both negative as possitive values, only a simple * (value) node is not going to work ;)

Thanks for that, the co-ordinates are being mapped as to the screen size now, but every time the clour is tracked, it is tracked once and snaps the cursor right back to the middle of the movie, as well as only moving it round the middle (ie a 160x120 box based round the middle of the screen…)

I’ve split the input values with a con so they can go into the x and y variables on the renderer, but still don’t understand why it’s not going around the whole movie.

Also I’ve just found the values for Y are inverted, so up goes down and down goes up… How do I fix that?

as west said, the Map (Value) can do all that and more…