TouchState [IO.Touch]

Hi folks,

What do I attach to TouchState so I can get multi touches from my IR touchframe?


Still hoping to get Touchstate to work, but still not sure how to actually get touches from the IR touchframe, like mouse clicks and position.

you can connect any vvvv beta node that outputs a TouchDevice:

I’d like to keep it completely in Gamma, I’ve had it running sweet with VVVV beta no worries, it was just that I wanted to build it completely within the gamma environment. Possible?

As far as I know, there is no source for touch events in gamma yet. The nodes are there for beta environment and completeness. But we have it on our list…

Ah, all good, I’ll continue to use as part of VVVV beta, easy.


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this works as of 2021.3.3: