Touchsmart / Nextwindow / TUIO Hardware


thinking about getting an all-in-one Solution for a touch controlled Setup i am doin next. anyone of you already have used the HP Touchsmart Hardware in combination with vvvv? as i unterstand it correctly, i have to use additional software like this one from gkaindl. or will it work with the TUIO decoder plug out of the box?

or someone tested any other Touch-PCs? because the touchsmart looks very ugly and is only duo-Touch. there’s this list where a lot of vendors are listed having the same touch tech under the hood…


in theory TUIODecoder should be enough, but there was that issue that it only understands non-bundled messages (if i remember correctly). so depending on how touchsmart sends its tuio-messages it should just work or need a little improvement on the TUIODecoder.

hmm you sure? seems that the touchsmart only talks via the ‘nextwindow API’.

any other touch panels in range from 20" - 30" that can be recommended? doesn’t have to be necessarily an all-in-one solution…

ja, as i understand it touchsmart reads the data from the driver via the nextwindow API and spits out TUIO data. see?

aight… no text …