Touchscreen, when using mouse Node i have to doubleclick, am i missing the right workflow?

Hi there,

I thought i could just use the mouse as an input source,
Just tested it, i can click things in windows just fine.
But in VVVV i have to perform a double click to have
a left mousebutton down.

What is the right way to do it? because for developing i still need to use the mouse.

ps: its just about a single input, no multitouch


A stab in the dark: could it be because the Renderer is not focused, so the first click focuses the Renderer and then you get the Click event?

good question,
but i tried multiple times ina row and at this point i would be focused already am i right?

Maybe you could post a simple patch that shows your issue with some repro steps. That would be easier to help you.

i see.

luckily i have access to the touch screen and testet the Skia touch node.
I was able to recieve the position of one and multiple touches.

As a click i will just use, if there is any point detected and check if the spreadcount is higher then 0.

hopefully that will do :)

This was an early prototype of a multitouch system I’ve been working on :
MultiTouch_Buttons.vl (413.9 KB)

Check inside the RootControl node, the TouchPointManager receive and manage both multitouch and mouse inputs.

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thanks dude,

my approach was just to have a switch node between touch and mouse input,
wich also works.

thanks again!

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