Touchscreen LeftMouse


i use a dell touch (St2220T) screen for a touch application
in the windows interface (win7) i get a simple click = leftmouse click
but in vvvv the left mouse (mouse node) get no result

has someone experience witch this problem …



seems they use NextWindow optical overlay here, so NWMultiTouch node from addonpack is what you need.

the setting is only 1 screen
what i mean is if if touch under windows i see a gaphical
feed back by a single touch

so i think the touch screen work

but in vvvv i use the mouse node for read out the touch signals
the x/y position is fine but

i get no left mouse click

sure, your touch screen is working.
is that nessesery for you to use Mouse node?
touch screen is different type of hid devices. it may work as mouse but it’s not the same. try to use this node NWTouchData it has EventType and OnData pins - they show you, if you touch the screen or not (same as left click).