Touchscreen and mouse node

I have discovered a strange bahavior using Mouse (System Global) on a tablet.

I am running win8 64bit on a Acer W500 tablet, but I am quite sure the same behavior was present under win7.

when using the touch screen to click somewhere it clicks left mouse button fine, except when clicking in vvvv windows. where there is no click unless I begin dragging.

This is quite annoying when trying to make an interface with on screen buttons. For now my hack is to run two instances of vvvv and using one instance to read the mouse clicks and the other to do the rest, but it feels silly to use two instances of vvvv, just to read mouse clicks from a touch screen

Would it be possible to have touch clicks read using Mouse (System Global) or the mouse outputs of the renderer in vvvv’s own instance?

hi sunep,

i know this problem and a workaround can be made with HID(Devices) if you’re lucky. on some touchscreen HID(devices) spits out data which contains the touch.

Hi u7

I have tried using HID, but the Report Descriptor did not create any outputs in the HIDDecode node. Not in win7 and not in win8

in win7 it did output something from the HID node, @woei managed to read it somewhat meaningful, but under win8 nothing is being outputted at all.

For now I will just continue on win8 and then hope that on some point win8 becomes enough standard for touch and multi touch so we get a multitouch node that works a bit like Mouse, only with multi touch.

+1 on this.

I have some touchscreens connected to win7 PCs and Iäd love to use the touch function as easy as the mouse.

I mean… It works with all other applications (i.e. Unity), but maybe I am just missing something.


the Renderer (DX11) spits out touch-data. if that works, it should be as easy as the mouse

Came across this issue with touchscreens (mouse does not pick up a click until you start dragging) a while a go.
I’ve attached a help patch and a Touch Button subpatch that I use to get round it - to handle simple touches and swipes. It basically like Button 3D Quad but for a touchscreen - it won’t work with the mouse as well.
This was all done in 32bit DX9. Someone with more VvVv experience migh be able to simplify it or make it spreadable, but it does the job for me.
Wu (24.1 kB)

Looks like the patches were duplicated in that last zip. (9.9 kB)