I have a patch with quite a few parameters controlled externally from touchOSC. However, when vvvv starts, these values are all zeroed, which is natural, since OSC will not pass values until each parameter is interacted with (and there is no “send all” from touchOSC).

So, how does one go about overriding the values starting at “0” from touchOSC until there is network communication for each parameter? Looking for a default value node/function, but haven’t found any :(.

use avoidNIL

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem to work for me (unless I misunderstood how avoidNIL works), perhaps because the initial value is “0.000”, which is different from “ø”?

Basically, a multiple input that accepts the last value (not a spread) would solve it, but I don’t know how… 8-/

I would suggest to use Lemur instead of TouchOSC. (Actually in Winter sales)
I have issues with touchOSC wich doesn’t appear with lemur. And lemur is much more powerfull and fun to use with its scripting language.

About your issue, perhaps you could store values in a IOBox then switch to the TouchOSC’s values when they change.

Yes, but how? I would need an “on change” type of node…

there’s is a node called Change, I’m trying to make a patch to show you but my idea need more thinking…

I guess there’s a better way to do it.

thanks for looking into it - I’ll give it a try.

yep, that seems to work. just had to convert the incoming OSC IO box from string to value.

In the plugin pack, there is this node called LTP (value) , Latest Takes Precedence, who does this in 1 go.

“ø” = There is nothing
“0” = There is a value witch is 0.

thank you @Westbam! That did the trick. I was noticing that OSC’s values were taking preference, regardless of @newemka’s suggestion, so the result was same as before. This finally worked. :)

He showed you a Toggle (keeps on switching), should have been a flipflop (1 time switch) as I explained here: Tutorial 37: Toggle, Flipflop and Monoflop, switching logic

Thanks Westbam! I love your videos and your joyful voice :)