TouchOSC to change variables


I’m looking to do what so many have done before and use touchOSC to alter variables in my sound reactive environment.

After searching the forums I came across this video

it talks about using the todo but whenever I search for the patch/function… I can’t find anything that starts with todo. Is this outdated?

And then I found the VVVV download on the hexler site, but it seems they’re made to work only with apple? - I have android. I would set my ports but I would get not change in values when I’d do something on the android.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I use windows 7, and android TouchOSC. I have successfully configured my router and receive data through puredata - so I think I’ve got that part covered since it’s registering on my pc. Now how do I bring that into vvvv?

Looking forward to your response :)

I started to play around with TouchOSC for Android just yesterday^^

I couldn’t get the OSC to work, but with TouchOSC Bridge( you can control your vvvv via MIDI.

Just look at the helppatches of MidiController (Devices) or MidiShort (Devices)

I have no clue why OSC isn’t working for me… but for now the MIDI mode is good enough…

there was a thread on forums about osc on android

Thanks Foaster - unfortunately I left my damn Android at work… debating on going back and getting it otherwise I will be without TouchOSC and I’m dying to get this working!! :(

I will check out the 2 functions you recommended and see if I can implement them with my midi controllers in the meantime. :)

maybe this is also an option for you: remoting-vvvv-exposing-pins-kontrolleur

Thanks TonFilm - That did help a little but I can’t grasp the whole concept since every time I click a link like (KontrolleurVVVV), the help page cannot be found. And the the Kontrolleur for android app link… same thing - page cannot be displayed.

So it did help a bit in explaining, but I fail to understand how to fully implement.

Foaster - I’m not able to get my Midi controller to change any values or “communicate” with the MidiController or MidiShort. :( - My midi controller (Traktor F1) is set to midi mode channel 13. From what I understand I need to set the vvvv midicontroller function to channel 12 (since VVVV starts count with 0) - correct? Then I attach IO boxes to the outputs of those functions and I get no value changes…

No bueno. BUT! I will keep at it! If anybody has any further feedback to provide please do!!


EDIT!! - I don’t know what changed since last night… but I’m now able to pick up certain values from my midi controller. Sweetness :)

Thanks for all the help and I will post back if I need anything else.
You guys rock.