TouchOSC not working under 27.1?

Well, topic says it all. I’ve triewd with 25.1 and it works just fine.

cannot confirm. whats your test exactly?

I’m with osc on android phone.

still cannot confirm. i’ve tested both examples for vvvv from with touchOSC 1.3 on android with b27.1 and it just works.

are you sure you set IP and ports correctly? try to be more specific about the error you’re facing.

i’m trying the same examples from hexler’s site, they work just fine with b25.1, so IP and ports are OK. Still, its not working with b27.1, have got touchOSC 1.3 on android as well. thanx for your help

maybe some windows firewall setting?

Patch please ;)

same computer, same windows settings, same patch. 25.1 works 27.1 don’t

Does vvvv.exe in the beta27.1 folder have the same firewall settings as in the version that works? You could test by disabling the firewall and then see if it then works.

It works with firewall disabled. Thanks. Should i do something to that vvvv.exe file then?