TouchOSC and vvvv communication in one direction only

I have an new iphone and downloaded the latest TouchOSC as soon as I got it.

At first everything was good. I connected the iphone through my router and could see values sent from my phone in the TouchOSC (devices)help patch. I also managed to send a layout from the editor to the phone.

The next day I set up an Ad-hoc network. (As this is what I would neeed for a live performance in a venue with no WiFi)

However, now it seems that it has stopped working in one direction. vvvv to iphone ok, iphone to computer not ok. Verified by changing port 5555 to something else on computer and iphone, which works, but port 4444 doesnt seem to receive anything at all now.

I am on Windows XP SP2. Dell Inspiron 9400 with 4gig Ram Geforce Go 7900 TouchOSC ver. 1.6.2
VVVV 24.1 + addon pack

Any ideas on how to debug?

Ok just upgraded XP to SP3.

Layout editor can send/sync to the phone now, but still nothing from ampops touchosc module.
Nor the touchosc patch for the simple layout by rrrr?.

I have added an exeption in my firewall settings for port 4444 (just incase that was the culprit) and disabled virus protection(avast)

Gonna try on my desktop.

tty says nothing.

running low on ideas.

downloading iphone 4.1.2 os now to see if that fixes it.

There seems to be no TouchOSC forum, just a facebook page.

I guess when the update for cable tether comes all will be ok, but for now I am slightly dissapointed. :(


Ok, i have ping lite installed and can ping my laptop from the iphone. ,I can also ping the iphone from vvvv.

but still no OSC joy.


One must stick the ip address into TouchOSC and not the network name.

Cant believe I have wasted 2 days on this…ho hum…