dear devvvvs , did you already include this TUOI lib ?

did you already read this post?
use of tuio protocol

thiv, it s not clear for me ( helas) the use of touch lib, i was thinking it was a library, not an exe that you can use with vvvv…

Salut Karistouf,

What do you expect of “touchlib” in vvvv? What can’t do vvvv that can do touchlib?


Touchlib has some very good optimisations for tracking fingers on tables!

forget it thiv, touch lib comes with an exe.

i was thinking that devvvs would have to write a node to discuss with touchlib dll.

to much quick. but the link to tuio protocol made me understand my error




I always try to improve my touch table patch. Last time I used TouchLib I founded vvvv more in my reach to obtain good result for basic tracking. Maybe I should have a look in Touchlib again.

how are you making your table ( IR cam ?) ? budget ?
its interresting to have your feedback. I m actually making tests with fiducials, but touch lib interrests me more…

you can find information on this > website