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Hi everyone
We’ve recently released a new component/widget library for TouchDesigner that would be useful for a lot of vvvv users that are interested in working with or learning TouchDesigner for interactive installations. The library includes lots of visual effects, API and hardware interfaces, and day-to-day workflow tools. For more information, you can check out or let me know if you have any questions.
We also have a public development roadmap if it’s of interest to anyone at

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well if this is worth €$500 I value mp.essentials for vvvv at €5 000/year or vux’s DX11 at €12 000/year. lelelelele
joke aside I find 100/month or one-time 500 for single version a quite steep price for what this package seems to offer.


Your tools might definitely be worth that much, they look pretty useful.

I’m not sure if the numbers got slightly mixed (or maybe a typo), but just as clarification, its 10 USD/month, or 120 USD/year for unlimited installs, updates, new features, new tools, and quick support. We think it’s a fair price for a growing library of drag-and-drop tools offering useful functionality to both beginners and advanced users. We’re looking at adding educational materials to the whole package in the near future.

The 500 USD is a one time fee for professionals who work on permanent installations and don’t want to functionality to be tied to network connection, and 500 on a lot of permanent installations is a very small price. We’re looking at using dongle licensing in the near future, which is a better proposition for professionals, but we expect most people will be using the 10/month license anyways.

Thanks for checking it out!

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