Touch Question Skia


When developing touchscreen applications it would be good if the touch node also works when you only have a mouse connected. Its actually relevant as the final app would also work with a mouse without any additional efforts.

Unfortunalty it works for the SkiaRenderer in Stride, but it does not work for Skia only.
See attached patch. Is this by design? If so, why?

TouchNodeQuestions.vl (10.8 KB)

That’s because touch and mouse behaves differently in certain situations, I usually use multiflipflop, monoflop and switch combination, witch would switch to touch if both inputs are active

Hi David,

have a look at this post : Multitouch with UI element overlay - #6 by antokhio

In the VL file I sent inside the RootControl I’m using an Interface IInput to wrap TouchInputs and MouseInputs so the system understand them as the same thing.

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