Touch OSC no values but symbols

hi all,

trying out touch osc.
the strings i get in vvvv look like this:




it seems the values are corrupted somehow
any ideas on that?


hei achim, thats fine. it is just a string-representation of the bytes you’re receiving. if you have troubles with a specifc patch please upload and describe the problem you see with it.

just want to get the values touch osc sends me.
the helppatches on the hexxler website and vvvv also just encode the raw data to string.

i don’t know where to split the raw string in order to convert to float, since the length is always changing. decoding the symbold to raw and then back to value also won’t work.

the rest of the data seems ok, so no idea why the last value does not get shown in numbers


UDP.v4p (5.0 kB)

you’re missing the OSCDecoder (Network). please check its helppatch. that should explain everything.