Touch OSC help (again!)

im using touch osc for a long time now, with the ipad works great… but i use sliders and single buttons, im looking for the firts touchosc vvvv patch that i saw long time ago in 2006… it was an iphone app at that time. i need an example of how to use multi buttons… i want to turn on/off a grid of 4x3 buttons, i upload the example patch…

and the second question, why my grid its inverted on the example ? how can i flip the values of the array ?

array.v4p (6.2 kB)

Hi I’m
TouchOSC output adresses as you set the name in the application where you build the interface… defalut is: multitoggle/column/row value

for example: /multitoggle/1/1 0or1, /multitoggle/2/1 0or1, etc )

Attached patch I used with Reaktor…
I used a lot Reactor to snif what’s up on OSC…

The other is Cross 2D related thing… I don’t know.
But you can set the spread Y value to negative…

Why cross invert the spread on Y?


OSC.v4p (28.3 kB)

Found it!, i upload all the example files, it was on hexler website

i still can need help on how to flip the array of the example patch array.v4p (32.4 kB)

Why is this inverted?

Well, use a NEGATIVE value in your linearspread, for the width pin that is.
So -1.28 for the width of the linearspread, connected to the Y in of the cross node.