Touch Keyboard input VL / Stride

So i think i might need a Touch-Keyboard for a upcoming project and doing so in vvvv beta there were ~4 Options.

  1. Create / use one created in vvvv
  2. Use a Html based keyboard with Html Texture / CEF Browser plugin
  3. Trigger Windows10 Onscreen Keyboard from vvvv
  4. Use thirdparty Onscreen Keyboard and trigger from vvvv

Im trying to evaluate what would be the best & most sustainable approach for VL / Stride and or Skia.

I think its most likely i would create a Touch-Keyboard with Skia, but ive seen some articles about the new windows11 Touch Keyboard. Looks like its a bit more customizable so im not sure which option would be best for vl / Stride / skia.

The usecase i need it for is just entering an email so it can be pretty basic.
Any experiences with one of the options in vl and / or the Windows11 onscreen keyboard?

It’s really easy to do with foreach loop
Here you can look on my uwp keyboard git

This is an old version got one witch simulates the keystrokes but need to rip it off private repo…

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Which option did you go for? Currently in a similar situation.

That’s the one with input Injector for UWP

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Thanks. Was wondering what @gegenlicht used in the end though.

Hey @bjoern the project i need this for is on hold so i did not try any further. But since it was only for entering emails i guess i would have tried it in Skia.

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