Touch Device is nil

Hi, just got myself replacement touchscreen for notebook, and can’t get any touches in vvvv, the render says touch supported, but touch data is nil, windows touch works properly…

System is latest W10 build, not creators

Suggestions welcome…

Bump…Since haven’t sorted issue… Dx11, dx9 no windows touch…

did you try this on the DX11 renderer?


interesting, i don’t have a way to connect this two together hmm

which vvvv version and which dx11 pack version do you have?

Latest betta, will check newest dx in the morning, but I think that should be one of the latest

Ok, so beta 39, dx11 from
still same even on vanilla, upload your patch pls, maybe this will shade some light

works here


This doesn’t seem to be the latest dx11 pack. The latest one is here:

Even hidden in the comments :)

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joy… (

this is event based, there is only output in the moment an event occurs.

sadly it’s all the time nil, whatever you do…
fun part that you can patch with touch
but in gamma it seeing only first finger…

Hi, another bump for opinions and ideas, just tested on fresh windows 10 pro install with ilyama touch screen connected, windows touch works great, the plugins for touch from dx11 renderer, u7angle touch plug, and one from bo, no output at all… Currently looking on to wpf interop for windows forms, suggestions welcome…

Finally, bugger was found…
It’s VVVV.Window.Toolbar.dll if anyone installed it for themselves…

hey. got the same issue here.
Touch (Devices Window) returs Nil whatever i do
TouchStates (System Split) connected to the DX11 Renderer returns also Nil

dx11 version 1.3.1

@antokhio where is that VVVV.Window.Toolbar.dll ??? could not find it…
any other hints?

Hi, this is special ‘hacky’ dll, that you could get from someone like Vux or me, and you won’t get it with vvvv folder or contribs… So that isn’t a case for you i guess…

Is normal window touch works?
Is there anything in RendererTTY?
Is plane betta without packs work with touch?

The problem with that dll, was that it override some window hook in c# that was used to receive touches in the renderers, so there is opportunity to mess touch input with custom plugin…

Thanks for getting back @antokhio
Meanwhile I found out that something inside the addonpack causes the bug

normal windows touch works, nothing in tty
I installed latest beta from scratch including addonpack
-> Touch (Devices Window) did not work

removed addon pack
-> Touch (Devices Window) works properly

Hopefully we can find whats causing this.

hi, i have the same error? anyone got a solution for that? i don´t have vvvv.window.toolbar.dll

Did you try solution above from David?
Start without addon pack, also witch type of touch device you have, the question needs some info…