Toubles with 'Text' dx11 node

Hello evvvveryone.
Help me please. My ‘Text’ node in DX11 is red. It is true for all versions that i’ve installed (x64, x86). I’ve tried many things to repair it. Reinstaled all components for green setup quads, reinstaled VS, downloaded again and again 4v releases, and so on.
But its still red.

not only text node, but all 3 nodes in ‘VVVV.DX11.Nodes.Text’ dll.

what is that can be?

That is an issue related to the setup redistributables. Download the 2010 Visual C++ redist from microsoft and install, even when setup claims it is ok.

Nope. That is not the solution. I’ve done it 2 times, but nothing happened.

Sorry for the poor answer last time, i was a bit hurry. I have seen this few times already on very different windows versions (7-10). Too bad i never cared to check or just do not remember what really was going on when i fixed that in the past. It definitely always was installing that one redist but from an other source that helped (not where setup points to). I guess it has something to do with different versions of that redist that are available? Something that was involved when user vux has compiled the dx11 pack version that is available in the contributions. A sure bet is to compile the dx11 pack yourself on that one machine. Will fix it too.

So, after all, trouble still here(

try dot net framework re-install, sometimes it helps
also check ALL vc_redist with latest vesion SP1-SP2 etc 32 bits and 64
then re-install directx

if this dosn’t help try to create Renderer TTY and copy the error message
most cases your windows corrupt or something

i had the same problem and was thinking WTF
but then I read again the explanation-text


Since Text project has been updated to visual studio 2015, you need to get the according redistributable here:

now everything fine again - maybe it solves also your problem