Totally beginner

Hi folks, I’m completely new in the vvvv community and have a (stupid, I guess) question about the software: I tried to use 3D but didn’t manage to make anything out of mesh, vertex, vectors, etc. Can anybody give some simple basis to understand the main principles of 3D?

Thanx a lot (I will surely have many other dumb questions like this one!)

Ok, thanx a lot for replying folks, I watched the patches in girlpower but I hardly understand what is the starting-point in each of them. Too bad.

At last, I’ve just managed to display a box mesh (grid + box DX9 effect)! But i’d like to
know if it’s possible to distort this mesh.

mesh - a 3d model

vertex - one point of the 3d model, besides position coordinates XYZ it could have some propertiers like color and texture coordinates.

vector - see 3d vector mathematics

i recommend to start with the tutorials at the Documentation page

… and here is how to start with 3d things: HowTo dx Rendering

Hi Jim,

did you read the Documentation?
did you have a look at the patches in the girlpower-folder?
there are some examples to find. that’s what i recommend.
and you may visit some of the vvvv-community in #vvvv in the IRC.

btw: mesh,vertex etc. are IMHO not really beginner issues.

kind regards