Totally beginner 3

Hi all, thanx for your help it has been very precious to me!

Now a new question: how must I setup the blinker, or the switcher or anything, to have a starting every x seconds? In fact, I need a linear starting which would reach the 1 value, then go back to 0 (linearly) and wait for x seconds to start again. I tried different combination with different animation nodes but the blinker have few setups.

Another one: the LFO doesn’t seem to reach the 1 but 0.9999. How can I fix it (unless I’m wrong…)


hi jim,

LFO -> TogEdge -> Decay could be a solution.

if you have more of such small questions, i recommend to join the #vvvv IRC chat for faster help.
just press CTRL+F1 in vvvv, or use a chat app like mIRC, mozillas chatzilla, tinyIRC, gaim, …

have vvvvun !

LinearFilter and Decay do very fine linear ramps from 0 to 1 and back again. Create an input value with a Monoflop.
I´d usually use a LFO plus a Change node on the Cycles output to get periodic triggers. See the help files.

While your at it: check out the WaveShaper in Triangle mode – this might be another way to go…