Total Frame drop out, including audio dropout glitching

I seem to be forever plagued by occasional audio drop outs in my patches, I have a patch which plays audio WAV files played from, in the element chat Tebjan suggested to look a stride Scenewindow and open the profiler F3, on the cpu page F5 you can see whether it counts up on the hickup, which it does.

I’ve tried this patch on a couple of computers and it does the same thing, every 1:40 it skips, drops audio for 100ms or so, then carrys on.

I am also getting little audio glitches, little clicks, which I don’t think should be happening either. There is a little tic when the audio loops, but thatts just the start and end of the clip…

I’m running a 3rd gen Focusrite Scarlet USB external sound card, so don’t think it’s that, and seems to happen if I’m not playing audio as well.

I’d like to know if anyone else experiences the same thing with this patch… (630.2 KB)

Gave it a go, now using Spreadbuilders. There are still some gen2 collections (maybe due to animating the skia paint?) but a lot less “heavy” and - as far as I can tell - no more audio dropouts.

Glitchtest.7z (378.8 KB)

Just so strange it happens at all… the patch is just a modified version of the spray skia learning patch with an audio track playing…

My main patch I’m running is far more complex with output to DMX pixels, and multitouch input… I’ll apply your method to the other skia elements and see if I can get rid of the drop outs on that one too….

Time for some testing….

If you adjust the particle life time in the original patch to result in similar spreadcounts you will most likely also see gen2 garbage collections.

Roger that, maybe I should switch to stride, and instanced particles… all good learning!

Hej guys, we’re experiencing exactly the same issue that SuperflysiNZ is describing here: a gen2 gc is happening exactly every 100 seconds which causes a framedrop and thereby a nasty visual glitch in the project we’re working on. (Verified with 4.9 and 4.10 stable releases) I’ve been inspecting our whole setup, but couldn’t put my finger on anything specific until I’ve noticed that it also happens in simple help patches like e.g. Scene Graph Basics or Example Spheres with Tails.
Is this expected behaviour? Our patches don’t create or dispose many objects so I’m wondering if there’s anything we could do on our side?

thanks for these reports. we can confirm the gen2s causing framedrops and audio glitches under certain scenarios. while we’re on it, trying to better understand these, a quick thing for you to try is exporting the project. this should ideally get rid of the drops.

Had the same issue last week on a students project. For us exporting the project fixed the gen2 the issue. Gen2 sawtooth waves :-)

Could provide the patch if it helps?

Any updates on this? The certain scenarios leading to this issue seems to include using VL.Stride in general. We have a project next month that export is not really a good option for at all (that also seems to lessen the problem but not eliminate it).

This seems like something of a showstopper!

@SuperflysiNZ might be worth naming the thread a little more generally since it is a total frame drop & not limited to audio. Just a thought if others are searching…