Topographic Lines

Hello Folks,

I need some help to generate Topographic lines, nothing specific but just wanted to experiment. I assume if we have 2 different closed lines, maybe it can generate in between lines depending on spread?

  • What is the recommended format to import/draw the line which can spreaded or have some control for it’s count.
  • After the first step, need some turbulence control as well so the in between lines don’t look very symmetric


This module might be handy for step one- feed it pairs of lines and it will make copies between.

Step 2 should be easy- just + some random values, or perlin might help to give it a topologigal feel

MultiSpline (DX9).v4p (19.6 kB)

While back was looking at this too:

Turned out for my need was overkill and eaiser to just photoshop it, but if you want dynamic real world data might be a way to go.

Thank you for the tip mate, I agree with you that its easy in photoshop and more easier in illustrator to achieve this effect. The idea i wanted it be be generated is because to have control in manipulating the z of lines with combination of displacement map and other value from audio or any interaction.

Have a great day!