Too much sound

have made a patch in which as I sing I set off either a mp3 or a videoclip, or both.
The thing is, my voice sets off the mp3… and the sound of the mp3 sets off the videoclip. I don’t want that. How can I make the videoclip hear just my voice, not that mp3?

Is the problem your microphone is picking up the MP3, or does your “listen to the music” node is listening to both the MP3 and the Microphone?

If it is the first, I am afraid only a decent EQ can help you there. And if it is the vvvv side, make sure you are NOT listening to the MIX (what you hear) but to your only to the microphone input.

Check the internal sound routing, never hurts to get a proper USB soundcard.

I suppose the node is listening to both things - the mp3 and the external microphone. Have tried lowering the mp3 volume, but would like something better…