Tokenizer seperator between 2 values

I am currently trying to patch a DMX reciever node, using the RS232 node, and a tokenizer.

The thing is that the seperator I need to use is also a possible DMX value, meaning that when the DMX gets set equal to the seprator, the whole recieved value range is useless and faulty.

The whole recieved string should maintain a fixed lenght.
I can not do anything about the code my DMX device is sending.

For a seperator I could use the first byte or the last byte, is there anyway to combine this?

one limitation of the tokenizer is, that it can detect only one character delimiters.

apart from that - doesnt the prefixfixedlengthmode help for your case? can you attach the spec? i am not sure if i understood your problem…

:) First look seems that Pre-Fixed Lenght seems to work :)

Uh, it sends that weird non-copy/paste ASCII stuff ;)

Works likes this (in ASCII) for 512 DMX channels:

231 = Start DMX sending
126 = Data Lenght together with the two 2’s
5 = Code to make clear it is sending
0 =??
0 =??
DMX Data (512 codes from 0 - 255)
231 = End DMX Sending

As you can see, the end and Start are overlapping with possible DMX data. And since I sometime miss input (that is why I use the tokenizer) I can’t use the Data Lenght Info (or I think).

Trouble with Fixed lenght is now I can only use an adult lightdesk that always sends 512 DMX channels. Or I have to modify it when using a cheap 8 channel light desk.

Depands on the quality (and price) off the DMX device how much channels it is sending. Well at least speed is still good :)