Tokenizer in VVVV Gamma

Hi guys
I am very new into vvvv gamma and try to recreate a patch from beta. I just receive Serial Data and want to get the right token like the tokenizer does in beta.
I don’t understand how this node is working in gamma. I also looked at the “Receive a Stream of Data” in the helpbrowser and an older post here about this topic but i didnt help.


I simulate the data and provided two solutions where I try doing something similar like in the helpbrowser but i dont get the right data. Could somebody explain how to do this in gamma?

welcome to vvvv!

so you’ce noticed that in gamma we have different tokenizers depending on the format your data is in:


from your screenshot it looks like your data is a string “00000000” postfixed with a semicolon. so you take the Tokenizer (Postfix).

The Objectify delegate is where you’ll receive the individually detected tokens (already without the postfix) and you can convert them to the datatype you want. in your case take the bytes and convert them to a string:


Yes thank you now it worked and i am understanding what the obejctify does.

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