ToggleButton node bug?

Hello everybody!

I noticed a strange behaviour of the ToggleButton node, but unfortunately till now I wasn’t able to isolate the issue to show it in a tiny patch.
I didn’t understand the reason why sometimes the Hit output pin stops working… Even after reopening the patch or substituting it with an older patch version where it worked before, the Hit output pin doesn’t react when you are over the button area and hit the left mouse button. The MouseOver output works always. So, I often built a workaround using the MouseOver output pin and the LeftMouse button output from the Mouse and combining them with the AND (Boolean) node.

Then I saw another strange thing that if I hide the Color pins on input and/or output sometimes they appear again after I reopen the patch, but in a random way. Sometimes the Color Input appears, sometimes the Color Output and sometimes both.

Does it happen the same to others?

if you are talking about GUI, better is to have a basic io connected to it, with a togedge node and a toggle node just above