ToggleButton (GUI) texturing issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to build an onscreen keyboard: in brief, on the quad linked to ToggleButton (GUI), I put a .dds file as background texture and char as foreground texture, using Cons (EX9.Texture).

Now this works perfectly on my system, XP 32bit + GEForce, but it doesn’t on a couple of Win7 64bit with Intel CPU and integrated graphic card I’ve tried with, as Space, Invio and BSpace texts don’t show on keys, though these keys work as expected (deleting, inserting space, etc).

After discovering this issue I tried a lot of “tricks”, like rewriting whole subpatches, copypaste in a brand new patch, even done this on non working PCs, and so on: the module keeps working on my machine, not in others.

This is how it should appear:

How to solve this?

Thank you!


onscreen_keyboard (GUI) (21.8 kB)

sry, my fault.
Text (EX9.Texture) wasn’t handling empty Text Input properly.

fixed for upcoming

Thank you woei, glad you found something.

I’m sorry, only now I see I’ve uploaded wrong patch, with no “SPACE” text as input: I done confusion between working\not working versions. So noob.

In the “not working” systems, I’ve inserted this “SPACE” text, and even a simple space, " ", thinking emptiness could be a problem, and still last three buttons were not working properly; then I thought that was related to the behavior I set for them, but looking at logic I don’t see errors, which instead seem to be there.

Anyways now I’ve uploaded the right folder directly from my contribution folder, containing whole patch working on my PC. Here characters_source.v4p has a space, " ", so the spacebar should not show any text.

Please, especially you, @sapo!, let me know if now is working or not, or if inserting “SPACE” text is the best choice -I cannot try it by myself as the MOBO of the other pc now R.I.P.-.

Thank you.

onscreen_keyboard (GUI).zip (50.4 kB)

i think it works, good wurk!

Hi @h99,
Is ‘onscreen_keyboard (GUI).zip’ above the most recent version of this onscreen keyboard you have posted ?
I have started making my own similar keyboard with Quad (DX9), HitTest (2d Quad), and the Store (String) though your approach using aspects of @sapo))'s Typewriter for composing text live in vvvv and ((node:ToggleButton (GUI) seems to make sense.
So just wondering if three is a contribution page with any updates on your onscreen keyboard ?

Hi, still there’s no contribution for it - though it was my intention…
The actual version is far more simple, stable and flexible than the one posted above; furthermore it needs a huge helppatch… now I’m on a different OS, and have to do some other stuff; gimme few hours and I’ll share it.
Also I’m interested in your logic, and would like to have a look at yours :)



So this is what I managed to do.
Please note that I should:
*do a better helppatch
*simplify some logic - though I think is enough good, in general
*patch some stuff in a better way - was a real noob when I started it

Note also that I had many troubles with it, as vvvv refused sometimes to save, temp files, also had to fix XML manually; so if you find something strange, please let me know - this is something I’ve done to study vvvv, and I want it to be as good as possible.

OnScreenKeyboard (36.0 kB)