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I’m a newbie trying to make a menu with buttons that display groups/subpatches in the renderer on click. I’ve managed to make some clickable buttons, but I’m really not sure how to make logic that will display my content with a click. I’m not even sure if ToggleButton is the correct node to use.

I can’t upload my patch so here’s a screenshot:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

that would be a simple solution:
buttons.v4p (12.3 KB)

and here is one, that activates only the last clicked button group
buttons2.v4p (16.0 KB)


Thank you so much!
I do have a follow-up question, though.
when I try to make more than 4 buttons, the hitboxes of the buttons don’t match the location of the buttons anymore. How can I fix this? It also happened to me earlier when I tried to make toggle buttons manually.

Thanks again, this has been a great help!

ah, the reason for that is, that this ToggleButton node is rather old and there has been a change regarding how the EX9 renderer deals with the aspect ratio (see here)

that should fix it:
buttons3.v4p (20.2 KB)

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That did the trick! Thanks so much again! :)

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